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Once you pay your refundable deposit of £50 you agree to all of our terms and conditions, Your payment for all hired goods with the delivery fee is to be paid either before or on the day of delivery of the hire by cash or bank transfer, we cannot leave the hot tub until the full fee has been paid, if the fee is not paid then the hot tub will be removed and your refundable deposit will not be returned, the refundable deposit can only be returned if no damage is found on the hot tub once its been inspected after the hire.



When we deliver your hot tub we will need access to a tap, hose and a plug socket, we pre arrange all delivery and collection time and aim to be as flexible as we can when arranging these with you, you must let us know before delivery or collection if you have to change the times and we will try our best to help you, but as we plan our day around these times in some cases it may not be possible to change them, there must be someone there to finish filling the tub on delivery, the hirer cannot stop us collecting the hot tub on the agreed day and time of collection.



Our hot tub can take around 12-24 hours to heat, this can all vary due to weather conditions and if the hirer is following the correct instructions, Essex portable hot tub hire will not be liable if the hot tub doesn’t heat to full temperature in the stated time guide as these are set by the manufacturer, Dyed material and glow sticks are not allowed in the hot tub, once the hot tub has been placed you must not attempt to move it at any time.



The hirer is always responsible for all safe behaviour and safe use of the hot tub during their hire, pets are not allowed in the hot tub and children must always be supervised, the hirer is responsible for checking and managing the temperature of the hot tub and water care by using the correct chemicals at the right time, we recommend you read all instructions for use of the chemicals on the packs and how to use them correctly, for any more information please call us, We have public liability insurance for up to £1 million for more peace of mind.



If we find damage on the hot tub your refundable deposit cannot be refunded and you are liable for any additional costs on top of your refundable deposit, any damage must be reported to us as soon as possible. 



You must report any faults to Essex portable hot tub hire as soon as possible, we will replace any faulty items should a fault occur, if we have to replace the hot tub it may not be replaced with the same hot tub you hired, if you do not report a fault and don’t give us an opportunity to correct it then no refund will be given.



Your refundable deposit will be refunded once we have inspected the hot tub after your hire which will be on the same day and only if no damage is found, if you cancel before delivery then your deposit is not refundable, we will only provide a refund if we cannot replace a part that is faulty or have no spare available hot tub, this will be refunded by bank transfer within 7 days.



Essex portable hot tub hire will take no responsibility for any injuries caused during the hire period, As Essex portable hot tub hire is not present the hirer is fully responsible for the users and for the hot tub, Essex portable hot tub hire are not liable for any damage caused to any property during the hire period.



We will go through the hot tub and inspect it on delivery with the hirer so if there is any damage previously then it will be noted, This agreement will be used if any damage is caused during the hire period and is disputed by the hirer, when your hot tub is collected any damage will be noted and the hirer is responsible for full payment, videos will be taken before the hire in case of any disputes of damage after the hire.


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